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Business Advisory Services

Choice of Business Entity

The decision on how to structure a business is important and comes with lasting tax implications. Tom advises clients on the benefits and obligations of each entity type (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.) to ensure an effective choice.

Business Startup Services

New business owners face important decisions. Equipped with the latest professional and technical knowledge, Tom shares essential information for making profitable decisions and establishing a thriving business. He understands the importance of strong client relationships and has earned a reputation as a skilled business advisor.

QuickBooks Setup, Training, and Support

Experienced in QuickBooks, Tom evaluates and recommends features best suited for your business needs. He offers clients customized support and sensible QuickBooks practices to benefit small to medium-sized companies.

Business and Financial Strategy

Individuals and businesses need strategic and financial planning to overcome challenges and meet goals. Tom’s problem-solving strategies and straight-forward approach to personal finance, business management, and retirement planning support personal and business objectives.

Tax Planning, Preparation, Representation

Tax Planning

Up-to-date on current tax laws, Tom strategizes with clients to maximize their after-tax return on investment. His extensive knowledge and experience in tax law offers an additional tool toward financial stability and success.

Tax Preparation

Computerized tax preparation software enables Tom to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for various types of entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, and trust and estates. His attention to detail and willingness to guide and educate clients provides an added level of service.

Tax Representation

Tom offers audit representation, offers in compromise, and collection plans. With extensive tax and audit experience, he represents clients objectively before state and federal tax agencies and works to establish reasonable and fair resolutions to conflicts. His tax knowledge and expertise combined with diligence, make him an effective negotiator and problem solver.